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Start thinking about augmented reality NOW

I’ve heard a few people saying recently that tools like augmented reality and virtual reality are very cool, but we’re years away from practical use. It’s time to challenge that assumption.

The most widely known Augmented Reality app is of course Pokemon Go, where you get to point your phone at the real world, and see virtual Pokemon characters that you need to swipe and collect. Although hugely popular, Pokemon Go is seen by many as frivolous. I disagree because it is going to change the world’s perception, bringing augmented reality into the mainstream. It makes us see how it can be used, and allows us to link that into what it could mean for us in our lives and workplaces.

Imagine a new machine apprentice on his second week in the job. The boss goes to the bathroom and the machine beeps - it needs a refill. Every second is stopping production. A new apprentice is unlikely to even know how to access the intranet easily, let alone know where to find the SOP for that particular process. But now imagine that they can just open an app, point their camera at the machine, and the refill instruction video plays for them.

You might think, “Wow, that’s outstanding, but I bet it would cost a mint!” And that, surprisingly, is where you’d be wrong. Right this minute, you can download a free app called Aurasma to do that very thing. Point at the machine, or a code on the machine, set it as an object to recognise, take a photo or video of your added info and save it as your ‘Aura’ for that object. And done. Of course, if you want this to be company wide and private, you need the paid version. But even one on one, as a coaching tool, what a great opportunity. And who doesn’t mind paying a little for a great tool, that saves time on learning the job for new employees.

This is leading to the new generation of workers, who don’t need to know everything before they start but need to be able to use the technology to look it up.

Virtual reality is the next step and at this stage is still expensive. But with new commerical software tools for creating interactive VR being developed every day, this is soon going to be available as just another ‘elearning’ tool. Imagine our fire service being able to train their new attendees or even prospects without actual fire. Imagine new inductees getting a virtual tour of the new workplace with hazards being highlighted and explained for consistency every time. Imagine being able to put your new apprentice 20m up a pylon and asking him to select what tools he needs for the repair. And that’s what is really exciting, because in VR the only limit is your imagination.

We are currently working with clients who are keen to start up trial projects in VR training and AR performance support. If this also interests you, contact me at

Jacinta Penn - 19:21:35 | 2 comments

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    I heard that the augmented reality and virtual reality are very cool and it is good to learn in detail about it so that we will have an idea how we can utilize it. It helps a lot when the new tools are unique in its performance.

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