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Exciting plans for NZATD conference and expo

I’m excited about our plans for NZATD conference this year. As both a speaker and an exhibitor it gives me a great opportunity to share knowledge with others.

As a speaker this year, I’ll be talking about Letting your learners GrOw. I’ve spelt it that way, because sometimes letting your learners grow, is really about letting your learners go. So much of the elearning work we do is about compliance - how can i prove to my manager/worksafe/employment court that this person was trained in this thing at this time? And so often, we lose sight of the most important goal - not whether we trained them, but whether they learned. 

So I’ll be talking about all the ways we can teach and provide just in time learning that CAN’T be tracked. Whether its performance support through posters, web apps or augmented reality. Whether its our content or user generated content. Whether it’s a game that doesn’t have a final score, but can be played over and over or unblocking internet access so they can look up the video on YouTube. What I want to look at, is what we can do and what we should do, versus what we are doing.

And at our stand, we’ll be providing our first demonstration of Virtual Reality training, which everyone can try for themselves and which costs about the same as high end elearning. I’m so excited to demonstrate the potential, and show that Virtual Reality is not a technology of the future but a tool that can be used now.

See you there!

Not registered yet? Here is the link to the programme - check it out NZATD Conference Programme

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