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User Experience – Not Just a Pretty Face, You Know!

We see some really good learning being created that is often let down by focusing almost purely on the content. Following good user experience (UX) and graphic design principles in your elearning can make all the difference. Good UX should mean that the learner can work seamlessly through the content without even thinking about the interface and user design. It’s just there and it promotes the learning without being obtrusive.

However, user experience design is not just about the ease of use of a site or piece of elearning. It encompasses the whole learning experience including the usefulness of the content, usability and function, desirability of the learning (evoking the right emotions and appreciation for the content), findability of the content, accessibility to a diverse audience and the credibility of the content.

Too often, quality content is diminished by poor UX or distracting visuals. With some basic principles you can create learning that is not just good learning but a great learning experience. Workbright’s IDEA academy is addressing this gap and will soon be offering the “User Experience and Graphic Design for Elearning” course as part of the new certificate and diploma programs for instructional and learning designers. If you want to know more contact us here at Workbright.

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